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In the course of my tester time, I took many attempts to listen to, test, judge the Tannoy Prestige series. My fascination with these sound transducers was always because they had such a wonderful archaic sound: a high-pitched horn, a paper diaphragm, a point-of-sound source, and everything in a design that would be a good match for a tone of furniture in Buckingham Palace. Great. But the real thing, I did not get from them: I always lacked resolution, elegance and naturalness in the sound. And yet so many people swarm about it - a mystery. The riddle solution came only with the present test. But before I could hear how comprehensively this Tannoy Canterbury GR (Gold Reference) fulfilled all the positive prejudices, the good piece had to go into the LowBeats HiFi listening room.

A loudspeaker that looks like the big-sized chest of drawers - large, wide (68cm), heavy (63.0 kilo) - and its front bracing can only be released when the locking lock is opened with a gilded key. Everything bizarre, scottish, amiable.

Tannoy is also the only loudspeaker brand known to me, in which wood wax belongs to the accessories; Easy to inset the veneer every 2 - 3 months and keep the colors fresh. This is not only a very beautiful meditative, haptic act, it also smells really appealing ...

So when you have inserted the key and removed the string, the heart of each Tannoy Prestige comes to the fore: the coaxial driver, called Dual Concentric. In the case of the Tannoy Canterbury GR, he makes the right thing: 38 centimeters in diameter.

This is approximately 800 squared perimeter vibrating surface, a size that has become very rare in HiFi. The 15 inch (38 cm) woofer is virtually the 12-cylinder of the HiFi range. At the center of this impressive driver gülden shimmers the brass of the high-tone horn.

Now the construction of a coaxial loudspeaker system is always a challenge, because the tweeter is usually accommodated in the middle of the bass tone coil. As a rule, classical high-frequency tweeters are combined with bass drivers of 13 to 20 centimeters in size. A coax with 38 centimeters of membrane is no longer king, that is already emperor class.

But there are not a few voices who say, "That can not be done. Such a large area has to modulate the high frequency range. "Basically they are right, in the case of Tannoy not quite. Because the Tannoy acousticians deliberately chose a horn to radiate the high frequency range comparatively directed forward. The sound waves of the deep-mid-tone membrane are thus less disturbed or deformed.

52 mm measures the Tanto Canterbury GR mid-tone dome in diameter; It is therefore more of a midrange than a tweeter.
The transition frequency to the woofer is therefore comparatively low:at 1.100 Hertz. 

Of Alnico Magnets, Grounding and Deep Cryogenic Treatment


The Canterbury has existed since the end of the 1950s; The previous version with the abbreviation SE ran 2013. At first sight, Tannoy Canterbury GR and SE do not differ very much, but at the second glance, some changes come to light.

And then the Tannoy Canterbury GR - like most of its predecessors - has Alnico magnets. Alnico has a good reputation from the 50s and 60s (where it has been used more often), but by no means only advantages. It is comparatively impact-sensitive and then loses efficiency. Above all, Alnico is very expensive.

Tannoy is the hi-fi loudspeaker manufacturer who uses the most intense Alnico magnets and thus has the greatest experience with it. And that is clear: for a time, the Scots used classic magnets to save money.

The Tannoy fans immediately noticed this and demanded "her" Alnico. This magnet material is said to be slightly different than the usual magnets. If you want to express it like this: Alnico is the tube under the magnets.

Moreover, Alnico can give its high field strength very directed; Only for this reason is it possible that the Alnico magnet of the Canterbury GR drives both the oscillating coil of the low-frequency and mid-range speakers. There is also a clear reference to the Alnico placement of a Tannoy Dual Concentric: always there where a pepperpot sits in the horn is also Alnico behind it ...

Post Date : 29/07/2017

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